johno harrisJohno Harris

R&D Tax Credits got off to a slow start in the UK some 12 years ago. Over the last couple of years however, an increasing number of companies are recognizing the importance of this, the most powerful of tax planning tools. More companies are now taking advantage of this opportunity to be rewarded by HMRC for the hard work and development they put into ensuring their businesses operate at world class standards.

For many years Johno was an award winning, International business and personal development coach, but in 2013 he joined Oxford Innovation as a Business Growth Manager connecting business owners with Government supplied matched-funding opportunities for growth.

During this period Johno was introduced to a number of interesting businesses and professional service organizations, one of which was Aspen Waite to whom Johno successfully referred a number of clients to claim R&D refunds. On termination of the Growth Accelerator contract which Johno was working on in November 2014, Aspen Waite immediately offered Johno a role as Business Development Director which he accepted.

“It has been a rewarding, stimulating and very enjoyable learning curve, and I am learning more every day. The most exciting aspect for me is helping companies who feel they have no R&D to understand that if they have customers and are expending they will almost invariably have R&D and can claim back up to two years retrospectively.”

Johno will be speaking about what qualifies as R&D, why growing businesses should be claiming and what is involved.

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