James Hunt

James HuntJames Hunt is a City of London-trained business lawyer and the founder of Witney-based law firm, Everyman Legal Limited. Having set up two law firms he knows, first hand, the challenges business owners face.


James is passionate about free enterprise and helping business owners grow their companies. He believes radical new thinking on ownership transition is needed.

Most business owners are not clear about the first steps needed in planning how to sell their company. When the time comes they assume they will sell to a trade buyer. But is this feasible?

Attracting, retaining and motivating your key team members particularly in a full-employment economy will be the biggest challenge all of us face as business owners. By getting your team to think like business owners and not employees you can unleash the entrepreneurial spirit in your organisation.

Having built your high performance team that you trust and who know your business intimately, the obvious solution (to “how do I exit?”) is to sell to that team.

The business owner can sell to his or her team with them paying out of the future cash flow.

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