Dr John Henry Looney

Director of Sustainable Direction

John Henry has over 30 years experience in delivering environmental and sustainability projects.  From the US originally he moved to the UK in 1979 to do his PhD in Physiological, Community and Statistical Ecology on the Isle of Rhum, Scotland.  Since then he has taught at University, carried out UNECE funded air quality research at the Natural History Museum; and then worked for 22 years in consultancy, including power (M&E), civil, process and chemical; and environmental engineering before setting up Sustainable Direction to help companies move in a sustainable direction.  He has worked in over 26 countries, on projects up to £80M and is focused on delivery.john-henry-2

He published probably the UK’s first carbon footprint in 1989, it was for a coal fired station in the ES for Bilsthorpe, Notts. His main areas currently are the link between carbon and energy with environment; as a MAS advisor, leading the Renewable Energy Funding LLP technical and project side, and continuing to add value to his client’s performance.

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