Dominic Kitchin

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Dominic Kitchin is an expert in business growth. Dominic is the Director and founder of Saxonbury & Kent Ltd. He has over 15 years’ experience helping business leaders and owners dramatically grow their businesses by understanding why their customers buy from them, enhance their leadership to create a customer centric culture, increase top line and bottom line growth, strengthen their management teams, create and protect business wealth, implement succession plans, transition businesses and achieve life balance.

Have you ever thought to yourself ‘what is it that my customers really want?’ The secret to selling and the most authentic way possible is knowing your customers so well, that you can pretty well give them exactly what they want! What if you possessed the crystal ball that would finally help you understand what your customers really want, which will allow you to deliver products and services absolutely “in tune” to those “wants” and to a standard that surpass many if not all of your competition? By having these invaluable insights, imagine what this would do to your business's bottom line?

A new science of consumer behaviour has brought some incredible insights into how the consumer brain works.

In my talk you will learn:

1. An introduction as to how the human brain works.

2. What you need to do to entice your customers.

3. How to definitively increase the chances of getting a “yes.”

This night is more than just theory! Be amazed as you see the science done before your eyes!

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