Dean Walton

dean-waltonCo Founder & Director of Mask-arade

“1845 connect is a fantastic way of gaining new business, everyone makes you feel really welcome and the meeting venues are incredible” – Dean Walton



As this company claim on their website, Mask-arade ‘is the best thing to happen to a party since the balloon!!’ This sums up what makes this company so successful – it’s sense of fun and its marketing of an arguably genius product.

Mask-arade first came to public attention when they appeared on Dragon’s Den.

Founded in 2008 they tout themselves as the original and therefore the best celeb mask makers. And it’s fair to say that there haven’t been many public holidays or parties since that haven’t featured a cardboard replication of a famous face. The founders, or the three Maskateers as they call themselves, Ray Duffy, Chris O’Neal and Dean Walton have gone on to establish a company that now distributes worldwide. And if imitation is the highest form of flattery then these guys are inundated with admiration as multiple imitation style companies have sprung up all over the place.

They do celebrity masks, character masks, life size cut outs, half masks, made to order masks and many more. Their headquarters are in Southam and the boys have stayed true to their roots not moving from there despite them being in high demand. They can be found on all major retail sites and across the web. So when they’re that easy to find there really is no excuse to not have your Freddie Mercury or Scooby Doo mask at the ready for that office bash!

Dean was after dinner speaker at our inaugural Cheltenham Supper in the 14th November 2012.

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