David Berkeley

For 5 years David studied under and worked with one of the worlds leading business coaches. During this time David set up and facilitated private Mastermind groups for professionals and business owners (up to £35m business turnover) in the heart of Mayfair. Having set up on his own he continues to work with business owners, professionals and celebrities to remove barriers blocking their potential. This referral only service creates bespoke, holistic programs for clients to accelerate towards their goals as well as enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

David’s Talk – 21st March 2017

Leveraging your 1%

We know that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts, but what about the 1% that unlocks the 99%?
What's your 1% time?
Who is / are the 1% people in your network?
What is your 1% talent?
And what are the blocks to activating this 1% to have a big impact on your business