Charly Cox

Charly is an entrepreneur turned business coach working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in Europe, the USA and Africa.  She specialises in coaching those in challenging business environments, knowing only too well what that’s like having spent almost seven years working in West Africa.  Through her own experiences, Charly has become a bit of an evangelist for the importance of gut instinct in business, and how this can guide us when we are a long way out of our comfort zone.

Charly has had a broad career, which began traditionally enough with five roles in corporate fundraising at one of the world’s bigger organisations, Save the Children UK.  Having been sent to ‘the field’ Charly discovered her latent curiosity and entrepreneurialism. She left her organisation and retrained as a photographer, building a freelance career in Africa with clients including Unicef and Oxfam.  With a specialism in West Africa, she went on to become a communications and business consultant to governments, AIM listed companies and the United Nations.

In 2009, Charly founded her own communications company in the challenging business environment of post-conflict Sierra Leone.  Launching the company on £500 and her kitchen table, she took it through rapid growth to a bustling office of multinational staff, an international client list, and a comfortable turnover.

In 2012 Charly wanted a new challenge, and made the hard decision to leave Africa. In coaching her staff through change, Charly realised that not only did she love coaching, but that for most of her staff she was the only employer ever to care about their futures.  She made the tough decision to close the company cleanly, rather than sell it or break it up, and in doing so made sure that her team had been retrained and rehired, and that she had a solid plan for her own future.  Charly retrained as a coach with a respected Californian company, and now helps others to foster leadership. She is also piloting a leadership programme with the over 50s in the UK.

Charly works with entrepreneurs at each stage of their business journey, to help them to make the decisions that feel right to them and that they can stand proudly behind.  She believes strongly that while business plans are useful, it’s business instinct that gets you through.

Charly will be speaking about her own journey into entrepreneurship and the advantages and disadvantages of doing so in a country where the internet was intermittent, electricity was a luxury, and the laws changed weekly.  She will also talk about the usefulness of that often-overlooked skill, intuition, and how by listening to her business instincts, she completely changed the way she approaches work and new challenges.

You can join us for supper, meet our Cheltenham members and hear Charly speak at our August 29th Supper.

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