Joanna Harwood


Company: Sentio Print & Multimedia
Location: Banbury

Here at Sentio Print and Multimedia we work with all sorts of customers and we work on all sorts of projects – brochures, catalogues, training manuals, flyers, leaflets business cards and much more. You name it we provide it! We like to excite and delight our customers and keep them happy and satisfied, but most importantly keep them retained so we can continur to excite and delight with all sorts of design and print. Here at Sentio Print and Multimedia we produce all sorts of print for our clients – no job is too big or small. We always provide our clients with best-of breed customer service, as well as exceptionally high quality products at a very cost-effective price; this means that we act invariably as an all round service provider for our clients, sourcing design, paper and last but certainly not least, print. However, we are first and foremost a print management company that is passionate about giving our clients the very best of what they both want and deserve.


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