Alex Minchin


Position: Director
Zest Digital Ltd

Location: Oxford

Zest Digital is a digital marketing consultancy that prides itself on offering a cost-effective solution to your digital marketing needs. In this age of information, there’s never been a more important time to position your brand online.

We believe we offer the most personal service in Oxfordshire to ensure this happens, using a business-specific KPI system that tailors our work to what’s important to your business. With over seven years of specialist experience within the online marketing industry, and a network of some of the brightest talent in the UK – we can help grow your business.

The situation is simple. You know you need an online presence, but without clear objectives it’s easy to feel as though you’re throwing your budget away. Zest represent you and your company, working hard to devise an ever-evolving strategy that is fixated to your goals. We work with you, honestly and openly, to ensure that you are completely in control of your options.

Importantly, we’re not a web design agency offering an ‘added-on’ search engine optimisation (SEO) service out of necessity. This is our specialty and our passion, and we invite you to get in touch for a consultation. We’re certain that we’ll leave knowing that a refreshing sense of clarity has been left with you – and this, for us, is what we’re all about.

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