Sharon Hooton

sharon Position: Director
Company: 1845 Connect
Location: West Oxfordshire

What is 1845 Connect

1845 Connect, is an Exclusive Members Supper Club comprising a group of passionate, driven & motivated business owners and key decision makers with typically 5+ employees or more or own a company of high net worth. They are dedicated to their personal as well as their business growth and meet monthly to enjoy an exclusive supper, build relationships with like-minded individuals and support each other through sharing knowledge, skills and experience.

About us

In the current economic climate it is widely recognized that Networking is fast becoming the most efficient and cost effective way to generate new business.

1845 Connect offers a unique opportunity for successful local business owners to escape from their daily routine and once a month enjoy a wonderful supper in beautiful surroundings with like minded executives from a range of different sectors.

It is our aim to bring together businesses of a similar size or worth  to maximise the opportunity for business relationships to grow organically. By providing the ambient setting in terms of location, food and wine, friendship and trust is nurtured. After all we know we are more likely to do business with someone we know like and trust.

Historically the term “networking” has meant that business owners simply receive business from one another or from referrals, we however take networking to another level. Members focus on building strategic alliances with complimentary industries to theirs, meaning they can offer their customers a wider more comprehensive service. Our members also provide the club with a continuous stream of expert knowledge, shared ideas and professional updates, unique to their discipline, which enhances personal and business growth.

The member’s forum, led by a skilled facilitator or coach allows members to utilise the business knowledge and experience within the group. This is an open session to discuss business, test plans and share experiences. It is completely confidential and is a forum for really getting to know each other very well.

This coupled with the variety of industry sectors represented within the Club makes membership of 1845Connect an unequivocal part of your marketing & growth strategy.

As a membership driven club we offer exclusive participation rights in each core business category.